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14 June 2015
9:00am - 5:00pm
Food Materials: Processing, Nutrition, Flavors
TechConnect: World Innovation
Gaylord National Convention Center, Washington, DC

Thanks to the Food Network and cooking shows like “Iron Chef”, innovative developments in food products, ingredients, and methods are popping up everywhere. Some of the most exciting technological developments in foods offer unprecedented opportunities to improve health and enjoyment, but also act as a basis for innovations in other industries. This workshop will provide a history and overview of what is currently known in the most advanced areas of food formulation, development, and manufacturing. Opportunities for cross-fertilization and “new from old” idea generation will be highlighted via reviews of key fundamental scientific principles and cutting edge case studies of commercial and academic developments.

Starting with a history of the main types of food materials, as well as the methods used to transform food sources into finished products and achieve novel effects, this workshop will survey cutting-edge research in the key areas of Food Processing, Food Structure and Texture, and control over Nutrition and Aesthetics. Both small-scale development and commercially viable large-scale processes, and how to bridge them, will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on physical approaches to controlling food properties and performance, but also the ability to exploit and preserve chemical and biological aspects using physical techniques.

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I develop food and science programs for various organisations, such as the CSIRO, Science Ignite, Westmead Children’s Hospital, Ultimo Science Festival and more.

I also volunteer at Vision Australia, developing cooking techniques and solutions for vision impaired people, and giving hands-on cooking classes.

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