About me


Food is common ground.  It brings people together no matter what culture, nationality or age they are. No matter what, food is just fun.  Fun to make, fun to share, fun to understand. When you understand the science behind food, it gives you the freeedom to create.

My name is Galit and I live in Sydney.  I am a qualified Food Scientist and a Chef.  In fact I have two Chef qualifications – I am a Food Chef (Commercial Cookery) and a Pastry Chef, and I have also studied chocolate. I engage in my own research and experimentation with food and the science behind it.

I am always hungry – not just for food but for knowledge.  I am passionate about combining my scientific background with food creativity.

I always like to know the hows of cooking.  There is no failure in the kitchen – there is just another learning experience.

I think what makes me different from most chefs is the combination of my food science background and my creativity with taste and combinations.

Despite all the creativity and experimentation, at the end of the day I believe in simplicity and in producing healthy and nutritious meals.

What I do

I combine my cooking and science knowledge in several ways. These are some of the things I do:


  • Food consulting and product development services.
  • Develop innovative products through the label Bitter Bean, which I have founded.
  • Develop food and science education programs.
  • Develop cooking solutions for vision impaired people (as a voluntreer with Vision Australia).
  • My special bread mix Artisan Bread Mix is about bringing people together.
  • Cooking classes and team-building through cooking.  I also offer group or one-on-one cooking classes in your own home.


  • 2011 NSW Training Awards – Vocational Student of the Year. Will represent NSW as finalist at the national level
  • 2011 Rotary Club Award – Vocational Service Trainee of the Year
  • Graduated with Distinction – Certificate IV in Patisserie (Pastry Chef and Management)
  • Bronze Medal Winner – 2009 and 2011 Callebaut Chocolate Competition
  • Best Pre-Apprentice – 2007 award for Certificate III in Commercial Cookery (Chef Studies)
  • Graduated with High Distinction for Masters degree
  • Excellence Award for Masters research thesis